Hand built objects with a past.

Hand-carved linocuts printed on reclaimed wood.

We work as graphic designers, in front of our computers. Sometimes, we felt like the things we made weren’t quite “real.” We wanted to make tangible objects with practical value—by hand.

In the summer of 2012 Finn & Burnsie started as an idea between two friends Chris Cooper and Kevin Kelly. It was something that let us step away from our computers and work with our hands more. We’ve designed and carved logos, wooden signs, beer six packs and custom bike crates for people like Dauphine Bakery, Grant’s Moustache Wax and Duchess Provisions. Whenever possible, we use reclaimed material—it’s there, we might as well use it.

We feel Finn & Burnsie makes products that have purpose and offer value that goes well beyond the mass-produced items you’d find at the mall. We only make things we’d use ourselves or be proud to display.

You can find Finn & Burnsie at craft and art fairs in Edmonton, on our Etsy store or if there’s something special you’d like shoot us an email and we can talk about it.


    Up coming events

  • Market Collective
    May 27-29, 2016
    Chinese Cultural Centre
    197 1st Street SW


Nothing beats seeing stuff you've made, still being used. #lino #barnboard #wine #drinking
Something in the works. Time to get my hands dirty. #linocut #badpuns
Early morning sketches revisited. New custom piece for @sbgedmonton #bjj #coffee #sketchbook #lino #coffeebureau #jiujitsu
Fill then empty. Repeat.
Fresh ink. Nothing better. #lino #ink
Back in the shop for a last minute Christmas gift request for a friend. Reaching over the table saw doesn't feel completely horrible. Go shoulder!
So excited tonight. First to get to see Greg' wicked shop, and watch my sons eyes almost pop out of his head. And secondly, trading and great old tool for a handmade pair boots. Thanks @ryaton
More from my visit to @theliveryshop. Hard to walk out empty handed from this place. Everything in there is cool. #yyc #inglewood


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Custom work

I love talking to people about their ideas and helping to make them a reality. Whether you’re looking for a custom, handmade logo, signage, somewhere to put your beer, or anything else you can think of, let me know.